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How To Play

The game does not need installation. Simply open the folder: “Game“,
find and click on the file “FOVK” and the game will start immediately.
Press I for Inventory.
Press ESC to cancel watching fantasies.
Press Q to Exit game. You will not be able to exit game in the middle of a conversation.
Finish conversation then click Q to exit.
To save the game, go to any room with TV, click on the TV and “MENU” will appear.
You will see 3 black empty frames. Click on one of them and then click “SAVE“.
Depending on your choices you will get different fantasies (sex scenes).
For example in the opening scene, you can choose beer, coffee or not to drink.
Based on your choice you will get different outcomes.
A game walkthrough is available at:


New and improved updates have been released for the software used in the creation of this gaming experience; these include new generation of characters, better graphics etc…
Regrettably, the releases came just as we were at the completion stage of this phase of the game. We decided on correcting graphical elements, update characters with new generation, and improve overall graphics and animation.

Unfortunately correcting all elements turned out to be a difficult and close to
impossible task. Therefore some graphical elements have been changed (which is obvious when game is played) and others had to remain within the framework of the old software.

Luckily, next Sequel will have improved graphics and all other updated elements throughout the entire gaming experience.

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