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We've created a walkthrough support for those who find the game too challenging and may need some help.

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  1. Complete the conversation with the waitress, then go to Veronica’s house.
  2. Switch light on and enter the bedroom.
  3. Go to the closet to change your clothes. Choose “no clothes.”
  4. Go to the bathroom to take a shower.
  5. Return to the bedroom then point and click on the bed to sleep.
  6. After you wake, go to the closet to choose your clothes for the day (choose the first combination with texas shorts to be able to get out).
  7. Leave the bedroom for the living room and move toward the TV. A magnifying glass and a vibrator are inside the drawer on the left. Click on objects to take them.
  8. Exit the house. Go to Stern’s House in Ingmar Bergman Street.
  9. Speak with the secretary, then explore the room.
  10. Open closet to discover a board with Letters. Solve the puzzle for clues
  11. Hint: NEW NEWS, beginning letters of these two words are sides of the world
  12. Still can’t solve puzzle? Click skip to revealed answer: EYE BABY.Look closely into the baby’s eye. The number “1828” is revealed.
  13. Close the closet.
  14. Go to laptop.
  15. Click the power button to turn on the laptop .
  16. You will have 10 seconds to enter the code.
  17. The code “1828” seen in the baby’s eye will fully open laptop.
  18. There is fingerprint reader on the screen. Click to use it. Access to the second drawer on the TV Stand has now been granted.
  19. Within the drawer holds a picture of Veronica Vogler. Click the picture, then press I for your inventory.
  20. Use magnifying glass to see small writings. The writings is the name of a street you must go to.
  21. Leave the mansion. Go to Schubert Street.
  22. Enter the house to speak with the red-haired girl.
  23. Exit the room then go to room on the left.
  24. Look to the table near TV to find a USB Flash Drive. Take a careful look at the picture in the room.
  25. On that picture, a hidden map with a clue is located. The clue holds the secret to the next puzzle: where to find statues and how to place them.Return to the Stern’s mansion.
  26. Turn on the laptop in the Great Room. Press I to enter your inventory for the USB Flash Drive. Place the Flash Drive next to the speaker on the laptop.
  27. The Game Hypocrite man will appear.
  28. Start the game.
  29. Enter the portal. A Teleport Stone is located on the plant just as you enter the next zone. Click it to add to your inventory.
  30. Teleport stone is a useful tool to instantly go back to places you’ve already been in the game.
  31. To use, open your inventory, pick the stone (double click on it) and a menu option will appear. Choose from a list of places to transport to.
  32. Talk to the Old Owl.
  33. Move left toward the cave.
  34. At the cave entrance, there are 2 pillars.
  35. The left pillar displays six (6) numbers
  36. The right pillar has a keypad to enter the password.
  37. Leave cave entrance back to the Old Owl.
  38. Speak with the Old Owl again. The Old Owl will now instruct you to go to the Sigmund Freud street.
  39. Remember, you are playing a game within this game; so to get to Sigmund Freud street, you must go back to the cave entrance,
  40. double click on the circle above and this will exit the game.
  41. You are now again inside the Stern mansion. Leave the mansion for Sigmund Freud street.
  42. You will now enter the psychiatrist’s office. Go talk to the secretary.
  43. The office is to the left of the secretary
  44. Upon entry, there are two paintings, one hung to the left and the other on the right. The painting on the right shows a Periodic System of Elements. Match the elements’ code with the numbers on the left pillar of the cave (27,15, 68, 28, 29,16). The match should give the password: COPERNICUS.
  45. Sit on the couch. Talk to the psychiatrist and listen keenly.
  46. Visit the mansion once again. Power on the laptop and start the game again.
  47. At the cave entrance, you now possess the password: COPERNICUS. Go to the right pillar to enter the password.
  48. The cave entrance is now open. Enter the cave and go to the Factory located on the right section of the cave.
  49. On the third level, click the female worker on the right.
  50. You will see a Wolf statue. Click to pick it up.
  51. Go through the factory levels to reach the square.
  52. Traders are located to the right.
  53. Click on each trader starting from left to right.
  54. The last one on the right has binoculars. Take it and go back to the square.
  55. Continue left to enter the workers’ room.
  56. Continue to the second room. Click on the pillow in the first casket on the left.
  57. Under that pillow lies is a Dog statue. Pick it up.
  58. Head back to the cave. Hint: teleport stone can be useful here.
  59. Once in the cave, go straight to the end of the cave to enter the next room,
  60. Use binoculars to go though the dark area.
  61. Pick up the Clock.
  62. Use teleport stone or walk to the altar.
  63. Put the Dog statue on the left, Wolf on the right, and Clock in front.
  64. Go to the center circle and click.
  65. In the god’s palace, a woman on the left is getting her pussy licked by another woman. Go to her.
  66. Go to the God’s favorite and click on her foot.
  67. Speak with the merchant and depending on your choice you will have teleported to Charon’s boat or exited the game.
  68. A new button is noticeably placed on-screen the laptop. This button turns on the UV light above the Schubert painting, which indicates to where you should go.

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